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Stretch hood packaging

UV resistance

Water resistance

Frost resistance
Safety in production
Economically viable solution
Processed plastic

Material parameters

Film thickness, µm


Winding width, mm

Up to 2200

Film perimeter, mm, max

Up to 6800

Advantages of our packaging

  • Safe storage and transportation due united construction due to excellent holding force

  • Higher break and tear resistance

  • Lower film consumption per packaging unit

  • Saving on packing enlargement

  • For the first time in domestic market — two-pallets stretch hood!

  • Energy cost cutting

  • Stretch hood packaging technology does not require thermal action

  • Safety of production at packing on wooden pallets and packing of inflammable products

  • High speed of packing by minimum employee involvement

  • Exception of wet pallets

  • Safe outside storage of your products

  • Effective advertising of your products by multi-color flexographic printing during the whole logistical period

  • Quality of our stretch hood is certified by BEUMER test report

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