• Industrial packaging

    «Packaging is important as well as the product. Sometimes even more important». These words of marketing Master Jack Trout true today can be attributed to industrial packaging too. Of course, first importance of packaging in industry is due to the conservation and protection functions of the product during transportation.

    However, in a competitive market, for producers it is a significant element of outdoor advertising, providing brand awareness and creating additional value of the packaged product. More than 10 years we have been developing customized solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry, building industry, the logistics sector. The concept of our work is the creation of finished «turnkey» packaging solutions.

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  • Polymeric films

    We produce various types of film materials - beginning with films from general purpose ending in special and combined film solutions: protective films; laminated composite films; film for packaging of rubbers; low melting film; adhesive engineering film for aluminum composite panels; inserts (liners).

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  • Compounds

    Use of composite materials in polymer processing improves the physical and mechanical properties of materials and gives them unique consumer properties.

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  • Solutions for industry

    We develop and produce customized packaging solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industry, building industry and logistics sector. Here you will find customers suggestions for your industry.

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