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Polymeric and bituminous additives | KAMLEN2

Rubber concentrates based on polyolefin have wide application in making polymeric products, bituminous concretes, roofing and waterproofing materials.

POLYMERIC ADDITIVES |2360, 2362 are used in the manufacture of polymer products as additives to improve the frost resistance, impact strength, elasticity, and stress cracking resistance of the polymer products.

BITUMENOUS ADDITIVES | 2390, 2391, 2392 are used in the production of bituminous concretes to improve failure resistance, crack resistance, heat resistance, water and frost resistance of pavement.

BITOMINOUS ADDITIVES |2390, 2391, 2392 is an excellent solution for production of roofing and waterproofing materials.  Achievable heat resistance is up to 125 °С; radius of curvature R10 up to -25 °С.

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